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TONI ZUCCHERI (Italian,1936-2008), Master Glass Craftsman.

image of Toni Zuccheri

Born in Venezia Italy, Zuccheri acquired his passion for animal drawings earlier on in life from his artist father, a renown painter himself, Luigi Zuccheri (1904–74).

He studied architecture at the Venice University Institute of Architecture under esteemed Italian architects Franco Albini, Ignazio Gardella and Carlo Scarpa.

Tony Zuccheri specialised in glass art and is known for his flamboyant and colourful glass animals, particularly birds, as featured in his exhibition at the 1964 Venice Biennale.

Toni Zuccheri Rooster

Zuccheri bird sculpture

He is most famous for his collaboration and work with Venini from the 1960s onwards.

At Venini, Toni Zuccheri created some of the most exquisite sculptural glass birds and farm animals, along with organic vases and forms.

During this period, along with famous Italian architect and furniture designer Gio Ponti, Zuccheri developed an innovative type of thick window glass sheets called "Vetrate Grosse". Vetrate Grosse was made of dense, vitreous pastes mixed with Murrine, raw pigment, shards of filigrana cane and fine wire mesh.

Zuccheri's work is characterised by his use of high quality materials and laborious process all intricately fused in various techniques and styles.

A good example of the many techniques and materials Toni Zuccheri used in his work is the above Cadmium green glass with appliqué red dots. This little beauty glows a brilliant neon pink under black light. It's like magic.

Zuccheri also worked with the producer Mazzega where he created some of the most wonderful and colourful selection of glass chandeliers and wall sconces and other lighting installations.

He was a master craftsman, highly regarded amongst other notable glass designers and producers including Luigi Onesto, Seguso, Licio Zanetti, Barovier et Toso.

His work has stood the test of time and is very much sought after.

Today, Toni Zuccheri's work are held at some of the world's most prestigious private collections, galleries and museums. His designs can be found at the Hokkaido Museum JP, Guggenheim NY, MoMA NY, Museo Del Vetro Venezia, to name but a few.

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