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OSCAR TORLASCO (Italian, 1934-2004), Luminary Lighting Designer.

Oscar Torlasco for Lumi Milano, Model 553

Born in Rome Italy, Oscar Torlasco is considered one of the best mid-century lighting designers of his era. Oscar's earliest design ideas were inspired by his fascination with lenticular glasses and later on by the then emerging Space Age era.

Torlasco studied at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan where he majored in Interior Architecture. He began his career in the early 1950s by joining the prestigious lighting company Lumi Milano as a designer.

During his time at Lumi, Torlasco created many sophisticated lighting designs including the 'Genova 4053' Street Lamp, for which he was awarded the Italian Compasso d`Oro in 1959.

Genova 5053

Street View 'Genova 4053'
Streets of Genova circa 1960s.

Other outstanding lighting designs for Lumi includes the 'Lumi 56' table lamp, Lumi 553 (as featured on the cover image), and the Lumi 128 suspension lamp.

The early 1960s and 70s saw Torlasco working in collaboration with many notable lighting producers including Stilnovo, Esperia, Reggiani, Stilkronen and others.

At Stilnovo, Torlasco designed some of the most exquisite range of brass and glass suspension/counterbalance chandeliers, wall sconces and various other lighting.

Torlasco's work are characterised by his use of high quality materials including glass and brass to which he often employed a number of intricate techniques to achieve the desired result.

His signature materials include the lenticular/optical glass as featured on several of his designs.

1960s Murano chandelier
Murano glass chandelier by Oscar Torlasco

Today, Oscar Torlasco's work are very much sought after for their minimalist design, aesthetic functionality and high quality design standard. The vast majority of his collections are held in various prestigious homes and public institutes.

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